Saturday, December 29, 2007

We have nothing greater to give than our love!

I had a go at some more of the challenges over at Hummie's World, ended up combining several to create a great memory LO of my Grandmother. I surprised myself at how many challenges that I could combine into one LO!

1. January (Designer) Color Challenge - I created the kit used
2. Template challenge #28
3. Font challenge
4. Quote Challenge
5. Again the January (Designer) Color Challenge by creating these quick pages that I have for you today.
Thanks for the challenges Hummie!!

Here are two quick pages, both created at 300 DPI.
One is 12x12 inches
One is 11x8.5 inches
Both are created in PNG format.
The font used in the quote on the page is 4990810.
You will find the download for both below the previews.
The actual quickpage looks much better than the previews do!
And you can read the quote much better on the actual QP as well.
The quote reads...

"We can provide our family and friends with many things,
but we have nothing greater to give than our love.

I think that this a great quote that Hummie found, and so very true!
Again I would like to say thank you to the one's that always make the time to leave a little comment on my work. You all are the greatest!

UPDATED : 10:20 A.M. CENTRAL TIME 12/29/07
I have decided to include the QP with and without the quote,
should have done this to start with as I usually do. So now
when you download the QP you will get it with and without the quote in one zipped file. I'm sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused anyone.

12x12 inches - With Quote

12x12 inches - Without Quote

11x8.5 inches - With Quote

11x8.5 inches - Without Quote

You can download the 12x12 inch QP's by clicking here.
You can download the 11x8.5 inch QP's by clicking here

Have a wonderful day,
And remember to smile or say a few words to someone today.
You just might brighten their day without even realizing it!


Hummie said...

Okay, don't make me blush! lol...

I was just thinking...what's the terms of use on that font? You might not be able to share the templates using them.....I've never checked its may be copyrighted.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I checked the TOU on the font and it simply says it is freeware use however you want. I'm going to change the download a little though as some may want the page without the quote. It will be available both ways in one download.

NYLovDoves said...

Thanks so much for sharing all your great stuff!!!