Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Splendor - Blog Party

I hope your hard drives are cleared out because we have a HUGE blog party rolling into town!!!

67!!! (yes I said 67) designers have been collaborating since early July on a gorgeous freebie kit called Fall Splendor!!

These folks come from all different time zones, all over the world, so if their part isn't posted yet, please be patient and keep checking back! Links will be available until Halloween so there is lots of time to download yourselves silly!!

So... grab some coffee, tea, soda or whatever floats your boat and let's PARTY!!!!

Remember to say thank you to everyone for their hard work in creating this to share with you.  It only takes a minute to say those two little words and they mean a lot to the designers. 

THANK YOU to everyone who takes that extra minute to let me know what they think of my freebies I offer you, today and past freebies as well. You are the one's who inspire me to keep creating and sharing. Enough talking, as I want to get started grabbing the other parts of this FAB-ulous Collab Kit as well. Here are the previews to my part of this collab, you will find the download links below the previews.

Fall Splendor Elements Preview

Fall Splendor Paper Pack Preview

Download The Fall Splendor Elements Pack here
Download The Fall Splendor Paper Pack pt#1 here
Download The Fall Splendor Paper Pack pt#2 here


Tanya over at Scrapin' Faye has created these FABOULUS quick pages for you using my portion of this collab. You can find the download for them on her blog here.



If you have grabbed my parts and are ready to see what else is waiting for you, just click on this image to follow it to Blog Party Central!!

 Fall Splendor Blog Party
Or follow this link....


Party On!!!


News & A Layout Share

I've received another award!!  Thank you Michelle, I'm very honored !! The rules say that since I've already received this, 4 times now , that I don't have to pass it on again. But I will I just need to see who I haven't passed it to already, so I'll be back with that information later.



I'd like to share a layout I just finished with June's newest kit -
Forgotten Dreams
a great Heritage kit. which you can find right now for 40% off  ...
here at Scrappin Digi Kreations
here at Cottage Scrapbooks
I love the colors and all the beautiful elements & papers that are included in this kit. It is Gorgeous!!!

Full Credits...
Forgotten Dreams by June Schutrups
Heritage template by Tracy Drane
Font is ChopinScript
Photo is of my Great Aunt (my grandfather's sister)


Don't forget that tomorrow is the start of the ...

Fall Splendor Blog Party Logo

So come back here to see what goodies I have in store for you!!
And find the link for ALL of the other designers included in this
HUGE Collab kit.


Have a scrap -happy day,


Monday, September 29, 2008

CT Collab - September '08

It's that time again!! Cen's Stuff CT Team has got together and created a WONDERFUL Collab Kit to share with you!!  The them this month was Harvest. When I think of harvest, the 'Harvest Moon' always comes to mind, such a beautiful sight!  So my part of this collab is based on that.

Here is a layout that I made of the Harvest Moon using my part of the collab and the Sept CT template (tweaked by me) by TragedyScrapinAnne. I took this photo of a harvest moon a couple of years ago. The Harvest Moon, I think is just a beautiful sight to behold!!  My photo really doesn't do it justice.  It is really bright and orange, and lights up the night. They call it the Harvest Moon because in times past this feature of these autumn moons was said to help farmers working to bring in their crops. They could continue being productive by moonlight even after the sun had set. Hence the name Harvest Moon.

Harvest Moon Layout


And here is my part of this FABULOUS collab ....

Harvest Moon Elements Pack
4 buttons - 2 square & 2 round
3 clipped flowers
1 definition tag - (Harvest Moon definition)
1 Harvest Moon
1 pumpkin
2 scarecrows
1 frame
5 laced ribbons
7 ribbons
All are in PNG format

Harvest Moon Elements Preview

Harvest Moon Paper Pack
15 12x12 papers
and 1 torn 12x12 inch paper (not shown)
All are in JPG format
except the torn paper which is in PNG format, so that you can use it over whatever paper that you like.

Harvest Moon Paper Pack Preview

Download the Harvest Moon Elements Pack here
Download the Harvest Moon Paper Pack here

You can find the other parts of this Collab by going over to Cen's Loft, where all the parts will be linked from, plus June has some lovely goodies for you as well.

Have a scrap - happy day, and don't forget to come back on Wednesday October 1st , when I'll be back with another big surprise for you!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll

Fall is here, although the days here in southern Kentucky don't really feel like Fall yet, with the temperatures still in the upper 80's. The nights are a little cooler though. 

I have some more layouts to share with you. This first one I did for the Font challenge over at DSO. It showcases our newest granddaughter - Jayanna. When I first held her, she latched onto my finger, as you can see here.  I LOVE these colors in this kit by Nikki, rich dark purples and reds.


Aubergine by Nikki Fabulous Designs
Template 9 from Brag Book Collection 3 By RoseMcDigital Designs
Fonts are 1st Cav. & Heirany Slight


This next layout was created for the Book Of Me challenge at DSO. Where the challenge was to create a LO showing who in your family you are most like and how.  I used the Little Weeds kit by June again in this LO,  I LOVE this kit, it is good for lots of different type layouts. 

I'm Like

Little Weeds by June Schutrups, you can find this kit here and here.
Make Your Own Flower by June Schutrups
Stitches by Olga Mishyna
Pocketed template by Tracy Drane
fonts used are GrutchShaded & Angelina


This layout was created for the shape challenge at DSO and Katrine's template challenge

Wild Thing

August CC Gift by Kim Broedelet
Template 5 by Katrine
Fonts used are 4990810 & GilliesGotDLig
Photo by me


This layout was created for the Scraplift challenge at DSO.  This photo of me was taken by my DH on one of our camping/fishing trips. It was so foggy that I just showed up as a shadow. But I liked the outcome of the photo.  And it made the perfect photo for this scraplift.

Life's Treasures

Black & White kit by Alice and Lone
Scraplift of Protection by Dinphy
Wordart by Bethany


June has gave me another award!! I'm very honored to receive this award!! It is Nezzi's wonderful "Never Ending Energy Award". To find out a bit more about the award and why she made it take a look here.


And I'm supposed to pass this one to 3 more blogs.

Nikki of Nikki's World, who asked me to be on her CT, and always encourages me. Thanks for everything Nikki!
Kim of KimB Designs who always seems to have lots of energy, and gives freely to others constantly.
Tanya, of Scrapin' Faye, who is always giving of herself to help others.


Now if you are still with me I have a freebie for you that I created for the color challenge over at DSO.  If you follow the link over there, you will find lots more to match that you can find the downloads for.

Fallbulous Frames

Download Fallbulous Frames Here

Have a Scrap-happy day,


Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Granddaughter

My heart goes out to all of those who have been affected in any way by Hurricane Ike. Yesterday as it passed over Kentucky we got some VERY strong winds from it. Trees bending double, breaking. And anything not tied down was blowing everywhere. I had to chase one of my  granddaughter's little ride-on toys up the street. I wouldn't have thought the wind would even carry that thing but it did.  I can only imagine how bad it was for those in Texas. 

My Hubby and I have a new grand daughter!!  Jayanna Nevaeh  was born Saturday evening, weighing 6lbs and is 19 inches long, her mother is my husband's youngest daughter (my step-daughter).  Jayanna is our 10th grandchild between us.  I don't have any photos of her, as we haven't saw her yet. We will be meeting her later today.

I have some layouts that I have made over the weekend that I'd like to share with you.  This first one I did for the Photo OP challenge over at DSO.

How I got part of the photo color / part B&W ...
I duplicated the photo layer
Changed the top layer to black & white
Then with eraser, erased the parts that I wanted in color.
then merged the layers

Just Hanging

Botanical Garden by Nikki Fabulous Designs
Fonts used are Oil On The Water & Angelina
Template 5 by Gwenn
Photo by me - (one of my grand daughters)


This next layout was done for the Lyric challenge at DSO. I love these lyrics, which to me called for a sleepy baby. So I looked through older photos, and found this one, which is one of my favorite photos. It is of one of my grand daughters when she was first born. She was so tiny, this is a stuffed dog that she was laying against in the photo, it was twice her size!!

Sweet Dreams_sm

Flora's Dream by June Schutrups you can find the kit here and here.
Sketch 3 from Shaping Up Pack #1 by Traci Reed
Fonts used are Angelina & CroAloha
Lyrics from Tiny Star by Eric Woolfson
Photo by me - (one of my granddaughters)


This next layout was created for the Doodle's Dare challenge at DSO. I really like how this one turned out, and will be printing it to frame and hang on the wall. I used a Sepia tone on our photo.

How Much_sm

Little Weeds by June Schutrups, you can find this kit here and here
Template 225 from the Button Your Lip templates by Mrs. Wresh Designs
Fonts used are A&S Roadhouse & Dingle Berries
Photo is of my DH and me - Do we look like the grandparents of 10?  (Grin)


I have also made some - Ready Made Pages (quick pages) using the Little Weeds kit by June. They are my first things in a shop, you can find them at Cottage Scrapbooks here.

Ready Made Pages


I have a freebie wordart for you today , that will be great for the layouts of sisters. The background paper is not included.


Download All My Sisters wordart here.


Have a scrap-happy day,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Challenges & Scrapping

First, I'd like to thank everyone who left me well wishes and remembered me in their prayers after my last post, you all are the greatest! I've managed to scrap a few more layouts in the last couple of days. I love the challenges on the different boards, they give me ideas to scrap or in some cases re-scrap some of my photos.

This first layout I did for the template challenge over at DSO. I re-scrapped some of our wedding photos. I used Bunny's Color Pop Script to make the photos brighter. I looked for the Flights Of Fancy kit by Kim to link it for you but it hasn't been added back into the store at DSO. I guess if you like it and want it you need to let her know. Follow the link in the credits below the layout to her blog to let her know you like this kit.  I couldn't find the link for the date stamp either, not sure if it is still available.  I used an overlay that was made special for me by Michaelle Walcutt in this layout as well.


Flights OF Fancy by Kim Broedelet
Your Words overlay by Michaelle Walcutt
Date Stamps by Trish Jones
Color Pop Script by Bunny Cates
Blocky Template by Teriann Hanks
font is WeddingScript Bail


This second layout I did for the Quote challenge over at DSO, and the Kreative Font & Wordart challenge over at SDK.  The word will be available below for you if you would like it. I used a beautiful new kit by Nikki, called My Canadian Holiday. It has lots of pretty colors in it!! Of course purple is my favorite color and as you can see, this kit has some beautiful shades of purple in it.


My Canadian Holiday by Nikki Fabulous Designs
EASY-PEASY Folded Corner Templates (set 1) by Karah Fredricks
Word art by me


This layout I did for the Picture Perfect challenge at DSO, and the
Scrap My Favourite challenge at Cottage Scrapbooks. This was a first for me, as I'd never used a photo in the background of my layouts. Although I've admired the ones that I've seen made this way. I used the Simple Things kit by June which is on sale for 40% off right now at Cottage Scrapbooks. I'm not sure how long this will be on sale, so if you want it you should hurry on over to get it.

My Garden

Simple Things kit by Cen's Stuff
Template 5 by KylieM Designs
Photos by me
Fonts used are - Promised Freedom, Kingthings Annex


Now if you're still with me, as promised here is the wordart used in the layout above.


Download the wordart here


Have a scrap-happy day!!


Friday, September 5, 2008

I Long For A Simple Life

Sometimes it seems that life can get so confusing and complicated. Things happen in all of our lives and with our families that sometimes we can't understand why.  All we can do is try to be there for them I guess but it doesn't help you to stop worrying. I know that you are probably asking yourself "What is she talking about?" There is just so much going on in my life right now, that I find myself wondering if we will all make it through it.  So if you wonder why I've not been blogging on a regular basis that is why. I just wish that life could be more simple.

I've got a few layouts that I'd like to share with you today.  I love these quotes that I've used in these two layouts, they are both so very true. I made both of the first two layouts using a lovely new kit by June called Simple Things.  See the full credits below the layouts.

Different Roads
Simple Things by June Schutrups aka Cen's Stuff
Template 5 by KylieM Designs
Font used is Saginaw
Photo by me


The Little Things
Simple Things by June Schutrups aka Cen's Stuff
template 223 from Kinda Crazy Template set by Mrs. Wresh Designs
Fonts used are Butterfly & GilliesGotDLig
Photos by me


I've made a recipe card using a beautiful kit called Sweet Child Of Mine by Nikki Fabulous Designs for the September 08 Recipe challenge over at DSO. If you would like to have the card head on over to DSO and take part in the recipe challenge, where at the end of September you will be send all of the cards that are created! To see my card with the Blueberry Muffin Recipe just click on the preview.



Nani created this fantastic recipe page using my Fried Green Tomatoes kit. I will have to give this recipe a try, as we love fried green tomatoes, and this looks like a healthier version of it, not as much oil. If anyone would like a copy of this in the full 12x12 inch version for personal use head on over to her blog and let her know.



I have a little freebie for you today as well. It matches the Color Purple Paper Pack from my last post.  I hope someone can find a use for it. And remember that I LOVE to see what you do with my creations, so if you want to share them with me and (with your permission) have them shown here on my blog. Leave me a comment, or send me an email with your layouts or let me know where I can find them.  Thank you again to all those who have shared their layouts and allowed me to share them with you.  And Thank you to ALL who leave me comments, weather it be here or at 4shared, I enjoy reading them. And it inspires me to keep creating and sharing.  You can find the download link below the preview. And if you missed the matching paper pack just check my last post for it.

Today's freebie download contains...
1 collage frame (for 3 photos)
2 ribbons
2 clipped flowers

Color Purple Elements Preview
Download the Color Purple element pack here


Hope your weekend is great!!