Monday, October 27, 2008

Combining Genealogy & Digiscrapping

I've created a couple of new layouts using Forgotten Dreams by June Schutrups. I love this kit, so perfect for these older pictures as well as not so old pictures, I've been able to use it for both types, as you can see with these two layouts.  I created this layout for a template challenge over at K-Joi. As most of you know by now I like to combine my genealogy and digiscrapping whenever I can. This photo is from my older family photos collection. The lady in this photo is the little girl that was in my layout - Jennie & Joe, which was made using the same kit. The man is my grandfather's brother.  I never got to meet either of these people, but have met one of their children, who is an elderly man that has some FABOULUS stories to share. I could sit and listen to him all day.  Can you tell yet that I love history, especially my family history.

Sweet Memories_sm 

Forgotten Dreams by Cen's Stuff - kit can be found here, or here.
template by RoseMcDigital Designs
Font is dearJoe


I created this layout for the BOM challenge over at DSO hosted by Nikki. I know I've already scrapped this picture once but when I saw this wordart by Jazzy, I knew that I had to re-scrap it. The good thing about digiscrapping, you can scrap the same picture as many times as you want, with a different look each time. I used the Virtual Photographer with Concord setting to get this look on the picture. I used June's Forgotten Dreams in this layout as well.

Journaling reads...
I've had many jobs in my lifetime
but I must admit that
the most rewarding by far
was to be first Mom
and now Nana


Forgotten Dreams by Cen's Stuff this kit can be found here and here
Grandparents Wordart by Jazzy
Font used is Al Sandra


I've received another award, this one from Michelle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Michelle!


The rules for this one is to say 7 things that I love and then pass it on to 7 people...7 that all..I have so many things that I love ...

1. Jesus Christ My Lord and Savior
2. My husband and best friend,Tony
3. My four wonderful children & three great step-daughters.
4. All of the beautiful grandchildren that they have given us. . .
  between us we now have 12 that call us Nana & Pa
5. The rest of my family and friends.
6. Digi-scrapping & all the friends that I've made doing it!!!
7. Creating in Paint Shop Pro and sharing with you all!

Now, seven people to give it too, in no particular order here are my seven...
If you have already received this, I'm sorry, I just think that you are all very creative ladies!

1. June @ Cen's Loft - one of the first blogs that I found when I first started dig-scrapping. Then she asked me to join her CT team, and I'm lucky in getting to use all of her lovely kits and having her for a friend!

2. Nikki @ Nikki's World another very creative lady whose CT team I'm also lucky to be a part of. She creates some really beautiful kits as well.

3. Kristine @ WenchdGrafix Designs - I've been a big fan ever since the first time I saw her recipe challenges at DSO, then followed links to her blog.

4.  Tracy @ Tracy's Scraps - I've been a big fan of her templates since the first one I've used.

5. Kim @ KimB Designs - I love reading her blog. She always brings a smile to my face with her antics.

6. Bunny @ - who is the owner of DSO and a very talented lady! Digi and hybrid, cooking, crafting, and more. I'd love to have just a small portion of her energy.

7. Kathleen @ Grosgrain - I just found this blog recently, and I have to say I'm amazed at the creativity and talent this girl has! 


Now for today's freebie, I'm filling another request, this one for more of the Recipe Cards. I hope you like this one Candie! I created this for the September '08 Recipe Challenge over at DSO. I used Nikki's beautiful kit Sweet Child O' Mine to create this recipe card. She has gave me permission to share it with you all here, so if you missed it in the recipe card exchange at DSO last month, here it is ... 

This contains both the full size recipe card that I created for Blueberry Muffins & the blank card for you to write in your own recipe. Plus a text version of the recipe.


Download the recipe card package here.
If you would like the kit that I used too make it you can find it here

I'm off to finish working on a surprise that I'll have for you on Saturday - November 1st which is Digital Scrapbooking Day in case you haven't heard .
Here's hoping that you have a great week!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just Call Me The Fireman

Today's post will be kind of short as I haven't done any new layouts in the last day or so.  First thing I'd like to say today is thank you to grannymike and ScrappyFairy for leaving me a message in my comment box , letting me know that they liked and could easily use the Text On A Path templates in yesterday's post. And to Heidy who emailed me letting me know that I forgot to save it, so that it was compatible with ALL versions of PSP. And to everyone who left messages at 4shared as well.

I've been working on a kit that was a special request by April , Her husband is a firefighter and it seems like she has had a hard time finding that type of kit.  And after my daughter's house fire in March, plus mine years ago, I know how hard these men and women work. Here where we live they are all volunteers, meaning they don't get paid for putting their life on the line fighting these fires. This is my way of saying thanks for all that the firefighters do!  April I hope you like what I've come up with. And anyone else who might have a need for this type of kit.   The preview of the papers doesn't show them as well as I wanted, but I thought they turned out great. How this kit came to be named, is that once I started on it, this song by George Strait - Just Call Me The Fireman - was playing on the radio.  Yeah what's the odds of that, it being an older song?  Anyway I couldn't get it out of my head! LOL  So the name of my newest kit is ...

Just Call Me The Fireman
It contains...
15 12 x12 inch papers
2 borders
1 RicRac
3 brads
4 stickers
1 frame
1 filmstrip



Download Paper Pack #1 here
Download Paper Pack #2 here
Download the Elements here


Wishing you a wonderful day,


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I just had to pop back in and let you know that if you downloaded the Text On A Path and it wouldn't work in your PSP , please try the download again. I have PSP X2 and forgot to save it to be compatible with the other versions, thanks for letting me know Heidy.

Also just had to let you know about this GORGEOUS Marie Therese Gown GIVEAWAY. It is breath-taking, I can't believe that she is just going to give it away. Not sure how it works but you can head over there and take a peek.

Time For Cake

I want to share this layout with you of my granddaughter on her first birthday with her cake. Did she ever have a grand time! LOL The pictures tell the story themselves. I used a template that I found in the template challenge at Scrap Orchard. Where the catch was that we were to do something to the pictures, not just leave them plain. I used a color pop script by Bunny Cates to brighten the colors in the pictures. I've used this script several times and love it! It helps make your pictures really POP. And no I'm not getting paid to say that, I really mean it. I just thought that the colors really needed to show in these. Glad that it wasn't me that had to clean her up. Hehe  I used my Party Time kit in this layout as well.

Time For Cake_sm


I did this next layout for the lyric challenge at DSO & the template challenge at Digital Candy. It is of my oldest granddaughter on her first Halloween. I just loved this costume, it sure didn't look like a scary witch, much to pretty. She wasn't so sure about all those feathers surrounding her face. LOL


Oogi Boogi by Digital Candy Sweet Tart Team
Glitter Master by Bunny Cates
template by Brenda Smith
Lyrics from Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra
font used is JanieHmk


This layout was made for the bits and pieces challenge at ES.  This was my first challenge there.  We could only use parts from the kit that we were supplied with, no templates or anything else added.  This layout also contains two more of our lovely granddaughters.

Oh Sweet Baby_sm

Sweet Dreams by Jennifer Barrette
Fonts used are Angelina & Glowworm


I'd like to send out a big thank you to both Candie and Heidy who both emailed me to let me know how to share the stat that Heidy created. If you click on this smaller preview you can see it bigger which will show the animation of the moon better. Heidy has gave me permission to share her stat with you all here on my blog. The only thing that she ask is that you don't rip apart her stationary, it is made for use in Incredimail. If you'd like to have this stationary for Incredimail you can find the download here.  Heidy created this cute stationary using my Harvest Moon kit. It has been one of my most popular kit's with over 1300 downloads already. I'm glad that you all liked it. Makes me feel good to know that someone likes my creations.

Harvest Moon Stat


Today's freebie is for the users of Paint Shop Pro and contains three templates for text on a path. I'm sorry but PSP is what I use, so I'm not sure how it is done in other programs, so not sure if you can use this or not. It is in Vector layers, so if your program uses them you might be able to use these as well.

The Text On A Path contains...
1 circle vector template
1 rectangle vector template
1 rounded rectangle vector template
I've also included instructions on how to use them as well.


Download Text On A Path here


When you are finished here, you should pop over to June's blog where she has the cutest freebie, a kit called Hickory Dickory Dock for you. Here is a preview of the elements.



Be good to each other, and have a great day.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Can Anyone Help? Please!!!

I've been trying to do my blog in a 3 column layout, and now it seems that I can't get my header centered. It is driving me crazy, plus that first part on the left is going up where the header should be. If anyone can tell me how to fix this, please feel free to email me at kimscrapping at gmail dot com.  Now on to my post and please look over the mess that I seem to have my blog in now.  :(

UPDATED: I finally got it! If you want to give a 3 column look to your blog, there is a tutorial link on the right (under Credits for my blog make-over) that I used. This is the one that I used to straighten up the mess that I made the first time around.

WOW!!!  Two of my layouts have won something this week!  I know that I've already posted these here on my blog, but  I feel like they deserve being posted again. (Smiling)

Influential - won CFW - Cottage Flower of the Week
Oct 5th - 11th at Cottage Scrapbooks


Forgotten Dreams by Cen's Stuff - you can find the kit here and here.
Overlay Border by Christiane Enoy
Wordart by Bethany
Scraplift of Indian Maiden by Renee


And Sweet Scarecrows won Owners Choice at Scrapbook Flair


I used my part of the Fall Splendor Collab kits on this card.
Recipe Card Template #2 by Canay's Creations
Fonts used are A&S Roadhouse & Rustic Sage


Mira has sent me this gorgeous layout of her 'Little Pumpkin' that she made using the Harvest Moon kit. Thanks again Mira for sharing this with me and allowing me to share it here on my blog.

Digiscarp - My Little Pumpkin

I was also sent a cute stationary for Incredimail that Heidy created using the same kit, she animated the moon for the stationary.  I don't know how to share that here, but trust me it is very cute!  Thanks again for sharing it Heidy.

I'd like to give a shout out to April, thanks a million for the comments that you have recently left on my blog.   I'm so glad that you have found something that you can use. :)  I will see what I can come up with on your request for something on the line of a fireman kit.


For today's freebie, I have a template that  I created to use on a layout of my little punkin's, my pet name for my grandchildren,  last year.  I hope that you can find a use for it.


Download Punkin Patch template here


Now I need to go and try to figure out how to fix the mess that I've made of my blog. 

Have a scrap-happy day,


Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Cousins Twice Removed

I'm back with a couple more layouts that I've made.  This first one, I got to use two of my favorite pass times - genealogy & digiscrapping . I have been digging through some of the old pictures that were shared with me of some of my ancestors.  And ran across this one, of a brother and sister.  I liked this one and the way they are dressed. This was made sometime in the 1900's , as she was born in 1907 and he was born 1909, and they don't look to old in the picture. The children in the photo are my first cousins twice removed. I can't help but wonder as I look at these older pictures what life was like for them at that time in history.  I love this kit by June, as it is perfect for this type of layout. Plus I've used it for more modern layouts as well (see some of my previous post).

Jennie & Joe

Forgotten Dreams by Cen's Stuff , you can find this kit here or here
Fonts used are ChopinScript & Diploma


I did this layout for the October '08 Quote challenge  at DSO.
and ChrissyW's template challenge #7


Fall Splendor by Kim Broedelet
template by ChrissyW
Wordart by Kathy Winters Designs
Photo taken by me on 10/13/2008


And now for today's freebie, I have a quickpage for you made using my Party Time kit and a template by TragedyScrappinAnne, who has gave me the ok to pass the QP on to you.  Thanks Kat!!


Download the Party Time QP here.


When you finish here, if you are looking for some Halloween stuff, pop over to June's blog, where she has some cute Halloween Fun figures. With your choice of digital png files or pdf files to download.


And Linda has a cute Alpha on her blog for you.


If you are a coffee lover Tracy has a cute tag for you here.



Have a scrap-happy day,


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanks, Recipes, & More

I've got a layout that I'd like to share with you that I did for the Picture Perfect challenge over at DSO.  The challenge was to scrap a picture of nature, That is right up my alley, as I love nature shots.  The catch, the picture had to be taken this month, and take up at least 70% of the layout!!  So while out riding with my DH one day, I took the camera out of my purse, WHAT doesn't everyone carry their camera with them everywhere?  I started taking pictures of the scenery as we were going down the road.  The picture used in this layout was made through a windshield while we were going down the road. I was surprised that it even came out this good!


Paper from Fall Splendor by Kim Broedelet
Ribbon from Harvest Moon by me
Date Clip by Barbara Speck Designs
Wordart is an old one by Waterdog


I've ran across a board that is using my papers from the Harvest Moon kit for a challenge. The board is French - Passionnément Scrap' , I'd like to take a minute to send this message out to them.
Thank you for choosing my papers for the challenge. I am honoured. You have made such lovely pages with them, thank you. I don't speak French well, so excuse any mistakes.
In  French : Merci de choisir mes papiers pour le défi. Je suis honoré. Vous avez fait de telles belles pages avec elles, merci. Je ne parle pas français bien, excuse toutes les erreurs.

Emmanuelle has sent me her layout that she did for this challenge, and gave me permission to post it here. I absolutely love how she has used these papers! She has a beautiful LO with a great use of white space.  Thank you again Emmanuelle for sharing this with me and allowing me to share it here with everyone.

copie de KS_HarvestMoon_eden oct 2008


I've received another award! Linda from Linda's Lot has gave me this one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Linda. This award is called the "Proximidade Award" or the "Friendship Around The World Award". The award is meant to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way and to extend the hand of friendship around the world.


The rules are that once you receive this award, you must pass it on to eight other blogs.
Now to find 8 people that haven't received this one yet. LOL
If you have already gotten it, I'm sorry.
Here are the eight that I chose to send it on to...

1. June -
2. Nikki -
3. Bethany -
4. Melanie -
5. Mel -
6. Jessica -
7. Kat -
8. Monica -


I did a couple of recipe challenges and created these cards using templates by Canay Designs.

This first recipe card was created for the Iron Chef Recipe challenge at DSO.  I used my part of the Fall Splendor Collab kits on this card.


And this one I did for the Kreative Recipe Challenge at SDK.  It  was created using June's part of the Fall Splendor.



And the freebies that I have for you contain these recipe cards with the recipes and a blank card. Thanks to June and Canay for allowing me to share these with you.



Download Sweet Scarecrows Recipe Card here
Download Chicken Casserole Recipe Card here


Have a scrap-happy day,


Monday, October 13, 2008

A Loaded Post!

I have loads to share with you today!! I have been very busy with digiscrapping the last few days. Doing some challenges, which I love as I usually end up with a great layout for my books. The challenges always make me think about my photos and gives me an idea to run and play with. (Grin)

First I'd like to show you a couple of layouts that Vania M. de Andrade over at Foto In Scena has shared with me using my part of the September CT Collab - Harvest Moon. I love how she has used this kit!  Thanks again for sharing these with me and allowing me to showcase them here.



If you would like to see your layouts here, be sure and send me the link to see them and I'll drop by and leave you some love as well. I will only post them here if you give me permission, so if you'd like to share them with me and maybe not everyone, you can still send me your links and/or layouts. I LOVE to see how you use what I create.


Now for a few of my layouts...

I did this one for the template challenge over at DSO. This kit of Nikki's has all these beautiful shades of purple, my favorite color!!


Aubergine by NikkiFabulous Designs
Think of Me template by Teriann Hanks
Wordart by Bethany


This one I did for the scraplift challenge over at DSO. I love the way that this one turned out.  I used 2 different photos in this LO,  taken exactly 1 year apart.  This kit by June is full of beautiful papers and elements and is good for all kinds of layouts.

A Girl's Father

Forgotten Dreams by Cen's Stuff - you can find the kit here and here.
Overlay Border by Christiane Enoy
Wordart by Bethany
Scraplift of Indian Maiden by Renee


This one I did for three different challenges...
1. For the Photo Op challenge at DSO
2. For ChrissyW's template challenge
3. And for the Kreative Font & Wordart challenge at SDK

I used a photo of the house that my oldest son built from popsicle sticks. I used the Virtual Photographer - setting for Sepia on the photo to give it an older look.

Build A Home

Little Weeds by Cen's Stuff you can find this kit here and here.
Template by ChrissyW
Wordart by me
font used for journaling is SandyTextHmk


Tracy over at Scrappin A Latte' has gave me the Gold Star award. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tracy!

Gold Star Award[3]

The rules are to pass it on to 3 other awesome blogs :
My choices are...
1. June at Cen's Loft
2. Nikki at Nikki's World
3. Kat at TragedyScrapinAnne


Now if you are still here with me, I have a freebie for you. It is the wordart that I made for my last layout above.


Download the Heart & Home wordart here.


I've finished a few more layouts as well. But that is enough for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some more to share with you. Plus more freebies for you! 

Have a scrap-happy day,


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Par-tay Time!!!

Whooo what a week!  The first week in October our family is loaded with birthdays.  On the 4th was my oldest son's.  On the 5th was my son-in-law's, plus my youngest granddaughter's 1st birthday. On the 6th was my brother-in-law's. On the 7th we had a break. Today the 8th is my baby sister's and my youngest son's birthdays. It's so hard to believe that my baby is turning 23 and has a year-old daughter!!  Sure makes me feel old!

In light of all the birthdays this week, when I saw the color swatch for Kim's color challenge over at DSO, I naturally thought it would make a great birthday kit! First I'd like to share a LO that I did of my granddaughter and I on her first birthday. Aren't these colors great!!

Abigayle & Nana

Party Time by Kim's Scrappin' (me)
Wordart from Birthday Wishes Ms. Miles by Jazzy
September CT template by TragedyScrapinAnne
Font is Bella Donna


Now here is your freebie for today.   Party Time !!!
which contains...
2 cupcakes with candles
6 bracket frames
5 party hats
5 bows
10 curled ribbons
and 10 12x12 inch papers.

Party Time Preview

Download Party Time elements here
Download Party Time papers here

Now I'm going to go and call my baby to wish him a Happy Birthday before he goes to work.  LOL

Have a scrap-happy day,