Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Lilly!!

Just popped in to wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas and give you this kit that I created in honor of Miss Lilly's birthday June's granddaughter, who turned one yesterday. I only ask that in thanks you go by June's blog and wish Miss Lilly a Happy Belated Birthday. 



Download Miss Lilly part 1 here
Download Miss Lilly part 2 here

I'm off to spend the day, evening, and tomorrow with family. 
Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!!


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bows, bows, and more bows!

Christmas is less than a week away, are you ready? We have the tree up the presents are wrapped, and under the tree. I'm even finished shopping!!  I have started making the usual Christmas candies. So far I've made peanut butter fudge, and divinity. Not sure yet what else I will make, but of course peanut butter balls will be included.

Our house won 2nd place in both Home Decorating contest that it was in. I helped more this year than I normally do in putting up the outside decorations.  Here is a layout that I made of our  house all lit up. You still can't see all of our lights in this photo.

Ou rHouse Won

Home for Christmas by Dinphy
Wordart by me
Template by Sine
font used for journaling is Rustic SageRegular


I have had the pleasure of testing some actions for Incognito, and have some bows to share with you today. This first package matches the kit 'Mrs. Claus Goodies' 


You can download Mrs. Claus Goodies Bow Package here at 4Shared

This second package matches the Christmas Around The World collab's


You can download Christmas Around The World Bow Package here at 4Shared


If you need some last minute gift ideas, Tanya-Faye over at Scrappin' Faye has created some lovely 4x6 Calendar pages, ready to be printed and added to an album. I've already went by and got a copy for myself. Here is a preview of July, August, and November, which were created using some of my designs. All 12 pages are gorgeous!


You can find these pages and the other months here on Tanya-Faye's blog. Tell her Kim sent ya!


Have you got your copy of the new Creative Digitally Magazine, the free Ezine for digital crafters and scrapbookers ?  You can find 50 freebies listed inside, including my Reflections kit, along with some fantastic tutorials.  It was released a month early and can be found here!


In case I don't get a chance to pop back in before Christmas, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!


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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Around The World

Last year I was in awe of all the fabulous kits offered by the designers worldwide in this huge collab. Who would of thought that I would be one of the designers offering freebies in this huge collab this Christmas.  Here is my part coming to you from beautiful Kentucky in the US. The downloads are below the previews.



Download Christmas Around The World elements here at 4Shared
Download Christmas Around The World papers here at 4Shared

Download Christmas Around The World elements here at Mediafire
Download Christmas Around The World papers here at Mediafire


When you finish here, go by

Christmas Around The World
for even more fabulous freebies!


Have a merry time downloading all of the fantastic Christmas freebies, and don't forget to say thank you, it means a lot to the designers who spend a lot of time making these kits.  It only takes an extra few seconds to say those words, but goes a long way with the designers. 



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Lights & More

It's only two weeks until Christmas!  We are really starting to get the Christmas spirit around our house. We finally got over the colds/flu or whatever we had. And we have the house decorated with lots of lights. Every year they have a home decoration contest here, and every year family and friends try to get us to enter. This year I put our names in it, not knowing that we were both going to be so sick we wouldn't feel like doing anything. We had gotten all of our lights and decorations out some time ago but they were all just sitting around our living room in the boxes. Then on the day of the contest, we both got out and worked on putting up our lights. We got about half of our lights up, I thought about calling and telling them to just drop us out of the contest for this year, but I didn't. The judging took place last Friday night, we were contacted on Monday, we had won 2nd place!  We were very surprised, I mean we thought they looked good but to win 2nd place out of the entire county, wow that was something! We have another contest in the community where we live coming up this Friday night, and for it all of the lights will be up, only a few more to go. This contest is only for the housing development that we live in, not near as big as the last contest.  Tony and I love the Christmas lights and decorations and have so many! When we got married 7 years ago, we combined our collections then, and each year since we have added to our collection. By hitting the yard sales through the spring and summer we manage to get a lot of new (to us) stuff to add to it. I think our collection has gotten big enough as our house and yard will not hold much more. LOL  The only thing that I would really like to add to it would be a life size Nativity scene.

Now because I'm in such a Christmasy mood and I love giving, I have not one but two freebies for you today. Is that even a real word?  I don't know but that is how I feel. (Big Smile)

I made this using one of my small Nativity scenes that I have in my house. 


Download 'The Reason For The Season' here


And this kit I made using the color swatch from Kim B's color challenge at DSO. She always picks fabulous colors. This was supposed to be a mini kit but I never know when to stop. All the parts are not shown. Thank you for helping with the naming of this kit June.

It Contains....
8 12x12 inch papers
2 12x12 inch tattered and torn papers
5 frames
6 bows
5 brads
4 flowers
5 journaling strips
4 stitched mats
6 ribbons


Download 'Reflections' here


I also want to remind you to come back tomorrow for my part of the

Christmas Around The World collab.
My part will be available here at 12:01 AM CST (central standard time) on Dec. 12


Have a great day, see you back here tomorrow,


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Cookies & Candies

Christmas is only 21 days away!! Are you ready for it?  We aren't, DH and I have both been very sick this past week and haven't felt like doing anything.  Living on a fixed income is tough, but even more so this time of year.  And with the prices of everything rising and the income staying the same it is getting even tougher.  I'm not sure how we will pull this Christmas off, our children understand as they are all grown. But how do you explain it to the little ones?  We've had two more grandchildren added to our family this past year for a total of 13 now!  And they have always had something under Nana & Pa's tree, this year just can't be any different. Anyone have any good ideas they would like to share?  I know a person shouldn't wish time away but I would like to turn the calendar over and see January. The holidays can be such a depressing time.

Enough of the depressing talk, on with some awards that I've received and that always brings a smile to my face. That and your comments, and your shares of what you have done with my designs, so please do keep the comments and LO shares coming!

I received this TLC Award a while back from Paulette, and thought that I should get around to passing it on.  Thank you Paulette, it even matches my blog!!


1. Put the logo on your blog 
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate 5 other blogs for this award
4. Add links to those blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool

I'm passing it on to ...

1. June at Cen's Loft
2. Michelle at Michelle's Angels
3. Tanya-Faye at Scrappin' Faye
4. Candie at Candie's Creations
5. Tracy at Tracy's Scraps
I enjoy the time I spend at each of these fabulous blogs!!!


I am really honored, I have been given another award by two more lovely people!! It's a Treasured Friends Award and it is gorgeous...thank you June and Michelle.  I cherish our friendship.


I'm passing it on to ...

1. Candie at Candie's Creations
2. Tanya-Faye at Scrappin' Faye
3. April at The Anderson's



From the time my children were little we have always made cookies and candies for the holidays to keep and to share with family, friends, and neighbors.  I've created a couple of recipe cards of some of our favorite Christmas cookie/candy recipes.  I used Mrs. Claus Goodies for these.  You will find a download below for these recipes as well as the blank cards if you'd like them.

Double Decker Fudge



Here are some more recipe cards for you that Tanya-Faye has made using the same kit. You can find the downloads for these on her blog after you finish here.



Here are your freebies for today...
Included in these you will find
the 4x6 blank recipe card to write in your favorite recipe.
My 4x6 recipe card for each
Plus a text version of each recipe.
I would love to hear how you liked them if you get a chance to try out the recipes.

Double Decker Fudge_pre

pepperment snowballs_pre

Download Double Decker Fudge here at 4Shared
Download Peppermint Snowballs here at 4Shared

Download Double Decker Fudge here at Mediafire
Download Peppermint Snowballs here at Mediafire


Thank you to all of you who always leave comments, I love reading them, and you are the one's who inspire me to share my designs.
Have a scrap-happy day,


Monday, December 1, 2008

Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies

I know that you are in a hurry today to grab up all the fabulous freebies, so today's post will be short. We'll just get right to the goodies!  And it looks like Mrs. Claus has been busy baking up lots of goodies to share with you today!  Mrs. Claus is included in four different forms, one holding the Christmas pudding (shown), One holding the container of cookies, one holding a recipe list, and one with her hands empty for you to add whatever you want.  The download links are below the previews, this in three parts so make sure you get it all.



Download Mrs. Claus Goodies elements here at 4Shared
Download Mrs. Claus Goodies papers part 1 here at 4Shared
Download Mrs. Claus Goodies papers part 2 here at 4Shared

Download Mrs. Claus Goodies elements here at Mediafire
Download Mrs. Claus Goodies papers part 1 here at Mediafire
Download Mrs. Claus Goodies papers part 2 here at Mediafire


When you finish here be sure and go by the

Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies 
For even more fabulous goodies!


Have a scrap happy day,