Saturday, January 24, 2009

More of Faded Memories

I know that I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy trying to restore all of my scrapping supplies. I had them all on a separate drive which was totally lost.  Some of them I had backed up, and some I just never got around to even though I kept telling myself that I would. So some of my scrapping supplies are completely gone. Lesson learned : ALWAYS back up those files, especially the favorites!!

I have some good news here as well. As some of you may remember, my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2008.  She has finished all of the chemotherapy and radiation treatments and is doing great. She was getting ready to retire at the time they found the cancer, but after being off work for so long taking the treatments, has decided she wants to go back to work. Go Mom! 

More news, my oldest son is getting married on Valentine's day!  I'm so happy for them, they have been seeing each other for a few years now.  I'm getting a new daughter-in-law plus two more lovely grandchildren to spoil! Although I have to admit that I've already thought of them as this for a couple of years now. :)  I'm working on a MEGA kit to scrap their wedding pictures with. So keep watching as I will be offering it to you as well a little later on.  It will be full of LOVE , great for Valentine layouts or any layouts where you want to show the love.  Which to me is all layouts!

Donna has shared some AWESOME layouts  with me that she made using a couple of my kits.  The first two were made using Just Call Me The Fireman . Her grandson is such a cutie in his Fireman costume that his uncle made for him.



This next layout of her beautiful granddaughter having fun in the sun, was made using Faded Memories parts 1 and 2.

Faded Memories by Donna

Pop by Donna's gallery here at Scrapbook Flair to leave her some love on these adorable layouts or to see even more of her work.


If you missed Just Call Me The Fireman you can still find it here.
The first part of Faded Memories was available here on my blog, and contains two downloads. The second part contains four more downloads and was only available to the members of my Yahoo group - Kim's Scrappin' Freebies
Where I am the only one that sends email out to you, and all replies come back to me only, so that your email isn't overloaded with unwanted email. This group was set up for fans of my designs to get a notice when my blog is updated with new freebies. And occasionally the members get an extra freebie that is only shared with them. Previews to ALL of my designs and links to find them can be found here as well. If you would like to join this group you can by going here or see the link on the right in the sidebar. That way you will NEVER miss any of the freebies that I offer.

Want to see what was in part two?
Part Two of Faded Memories contains....
4 - (more) 12x12 inch papers
6 - 12x12 tattered and torn papers
8  butterflies
1 grouped frame
4 (more) bows
4 zippers - 2 of which have a background behind them

Faded Memories Part 2

Faded Memories Part 2 Papers

Since I'm feeling generous and I haven't had much time to create anything new for you I decided to change my mind and give this to anyone that wants it.  I hope that you can find a use for this.  To the members of Kim's Scrappin' Freebies, I'm sorry I don't have something new and different for you today.  Hopefully I will have soon.

Download Faded Memories Two - part one here
Download Faded Memories Two - part two here
Download Faded Memories Two - part three here
Download Faded Memories Two - part four here

I would also like to take a minute to say thank you to all who have sent me help with learning to use Photoshop CS2. I'm learning and now part of my kits are made using CS2 and PSP X2. Even though I now have CS2 I can't give up my old faithful friend PSP . LOL   Now I'm going back to work on this kit for the Valentine Wedding.  Have a great day and share a smile with someone.




Promdi Pinoy said...

very nice blog!

Kristine said...

Morning Kim!
I'm backing up today. My drives are stuffed and the desktop is groaning! LOL
Have a great weekend!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I am so glad that your mum is doing well Kim. It is great news.
Thank you for all your wonderful freebies that you share..they are much appreciated!!
I feel for you with the loss of scrap supplies, we all mean to backup everything but there is always something that we don't do!!!

Anonymous said...

wow babe this kit rock, thanks a bunch!!!

Hugs to your mom, got her in my prayers, woohoo to the news of being a MIL soon, contrats to you and your growing family!!!

Hugs Kat

makeyesup said...

Very pretty addition to the DSO color challenge of Jan, thanks for sharing. Glad you Mom is doing so well and going back to work will be really good for her and it shows positive thinking which is so very important in any health issue.

tindra lite mera said...

Thank you for the lovely kit!!!
hugs Katarina

Bunny Cates said...

Great news about your mom!
And like you, I cant seem to give up PSP either! LOL...

We are sticklers for what we know, for sure!

Thanks for posting on the DSO Blog Train.
It gets lonely on there! LOL.

LindaJD said...

Hi Kim, Thats Great News about your mum!
what a bummer with the Hard Drive, if I have anything I can help you will just holler when I get back :)
Thanks so much for sharing such a lovely kit!
and Congrats to your Daugheter and soon to be S.I.L :)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for both MARVELOUS parts of your contribution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tajicat said...

Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Digi Free said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 24 Jan [LA 10:22pm] - 25 Jan [NY 01:22am, UK 06:22am, OZ 05:22pm] ).

Lilly said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful Freebie. It's great!
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the freebies!
I'm just getting started with my collection and digiscrapping. You've made some wonderful additions to my collection!
-(Another) Kim

tigger said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful kit! I can't wait to fiddle with these papers. I LOVE distressed! Thank you!! DH is starting the backups on my computer today. He says it'll take weeks for it to complete! I guess I've got some stuff, eh?

Magnolia said...

Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful kit! I'm so glad your mom is doing well! I had a scare with that earlier last year as well and it can be truly terrifying. Congratulations to your whole family on the upcoming additions. How fun! I also wanted to let you know that your if you still have that drive it is very possible that your files can still be recovered. I would be more than happy to let you know more if you are interested.
myflsun at hotmail . com

Angel said...

TFS! This is so pretty!

suruha said...

The paste colors in this kit are really pretty. Thank you so much.


Deborah W said...

Gorgeous colors and textures. THX! Deborah (Just Google Webajeb)

Roper said...

Thanks for the lovely kit.

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

Thanks so much!

Van said...

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely addition!

dianalyn said...

thank you

RoseAddict said...

Thank you for changing your mind and giving this to all of us!

Jewel Goodwin said...

So happy your mom is recovered:) I have a clsoe friend that is going through this right now, and I know how stressful it is.

Thanks for all the goodies:)

Michele said...

I am glad you changed your mind. I think this is a beautiful kit, with such lovely colors. I am glad that I could get the entire kit! Thank you!

Michelle's Angels said...

BEAUTIFUL KIT KIM, as always! Love the LOs too! Thanks for sharing. You know I'm opening my own store right? come look at it and tell me what you opens soon..


amsangel said...

Thanks so much for sharing the second part of the this kit with the rest of us! I'll have to get my poop in a group so I can join another mailing list - I love it, but it is sooo easy to get behind!! Thanks again for the lovely stuff!!

LindaD said...

Thanks for the wonderful kit. Faded Memories is such a beautiful combination of colors and textures.

thescrappywife said...

Fabulous kit! Thank you!

Shannon - Desert Designs @ said...

Congrats on the wedding Kim and on your Mom's good health! I'm glad to read she's feeling well enough to work and is choosing to do so because she wants to! (((HUGS)))

TerriM said...

Thanks for sharing this sweet kit with us. I hope to see more of your designs soon too. I hope things are getting a little easier. Life sometimes throws those bumps in the road to test us. Bless you and happy to hear all is well. Hugs - xoxo! (terri - hawaii)