Saturday, May 23, 2009

Digiscrapping & a template

I've been doing a lot of digiscrapping this past week, great for relaxing.  I've got a few things I'd like to share with you today.  First I want to tell you about a beautiful new kit by LouCeeCreations called Dilys. It is filled with pretty tones of green, blue and purple. I have made a couple of layouts using it and some of Jazzy's (Words To Delite) fantastic wordart. For the full credits see under each layout.

Smell The flowers

Dilys by LouCeeCreations
Stripey Round Tie by Kim Broedelet
Wordart from Welcome Spring Wordart package by Words To Delite
Scraplift of 'Spring Thy Name Is Colour' by Chaos Lounge

Leave A Trail

Dilys by LouCeeCreations
WA from Graduation Day Wordart by Words To Delite
template from DST Template challenge by Christy Haig

Here is a preview of this gorgeous new kit - Dilys lcc-Dilys-preview



I also want to tell you about a new wordart package by Jazzy, called Just Music. These are slightly decorated and can be re-colored as you can see from my layout here. They could be used for just about any type of layout.


Wordart from Just Music wordart package by Words To Delite (re-colored)
Joi of the Arts Collab by April Dawn Creations
CU Ribbon Freebie by Mary's Scrapdesigns (re-colored)
Template 7 by Angeleye

Here is a preview of this fantastic new wordart package- Just Music. lr_JustMusic_Wordart



I grabbed a couple of pictures from my dear friend June of her lovely granddaughter Lilly, and used her freebie kit Mary Mary on this layout.  The kit was recently offered on her blog, in three separate downloads and is still available I think.

Friends Fur-Ever

Mary Mary by June Schutrups
Wordart from Doggie Treats by Words To Delite
Template by Connie Prince/DigiDiva Designs
Font used for names and date is Amienne



Now if you are still with me I have a template that I made from one of my past layouts for you.  This template is available in your choice of PSP or PSD formats.
And each set contains ...
one 12x12 inch layered template
one 11x8.5 inch layered template
one 6x4 inch layered template


Download Blog 10 Template PSP format here at 4Shared
Download Blog 10 Template PSD format here at 4Shared

Download Blog 10 Template PSP format here at Mediafire
Download Blog 10 Template PSD format here at Mediafire


Have a scrap happy day,


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grungy Dots

The surgery is over and my son is coming home today!  He will have to go back and have the staples removed from his head in 10 days and will still need some therapy but at least the worst of this nightmare is behind us.  Praise GOD for the miracles that I have saw in the past few months!  He still does perform them even in this day and time!! 

I'd like to say that I'm behind in my emails, so if I haven't answered you yet I will get to it, maybe now I might have just have a little more time since hopefully I won't be spending so much time sitting in the hospital playing the wait game.

I have a kit to give you today. I made this for KimB's color challenge over at DSO. I created this LO of my grandson using it. I love this smile!

It's The Smile

I used Jazzy's wordart pack called Little Boys in this layout, you can find it here.



And here is the kit Grungy Dots, I hope that someone can find a use for it.  This kit, as all of my kits are, is full size and created at 300 DPI.

Grungy Dots contains....
10 12x12 inch papers
2 clustered frames (only one shown in the preview)
1 cardboard frame
1 multiple photo frame
2 laced ribbons
2 ruffled ribbons
2 flowers
3 fasteners


Download Grungy Dots Elements here at 4Shared
Download Grungy Dots Papers here at 4Shared
Download Grungy Dots Elements here at Mediafire
Download Grungy Dots Papers here at Mediafire


Be good to everyone, you never know what battles they may be fighting themselves.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucky Me!!

Two post in one day, I've just got so much to share today!  I'm so excited to have been one of the chosen to be on the CT team of LouCeeCreations.  She has just recently started selling her designs again and let me tell you they are fantastic, such a joy to work play with. You can find her store here over at DSO.  Here is a preview of her latest kit in the store, called Bollywood Dreams.   I just love all the gorgeous colors and fun elements in this kit!!

Bollywood Dreams

Here is a layout that I made using it. This is my hubby and I on one of our camping trips. Actually this was two pictures, that I made into one, by adding the two of us into one picture. We didn't have any made together on this particular trip, so I fixed the problem.  LOL

Kim_Precious Memories

I also used the wordart from Funky Love Lines by Words To Delite in this layout. Lots of fantastic wordart to choose from in this pack!!  You can find this wordart package here at DSO.

Funky Love Lines

Lou has generously allowed me to give you this quickpage that I made from my layout.  I would also like to thank Mrs. Wresh for the great CU template, even though her TOU states no credit is necessary, I always like to give credit where credit is due. 


Download Bollywood Dreams Quickpage here at 4Shared
Download Bollywood Dreams Quickpage here at Mediafire


Not sure if I will get to post again before we leave for my son's surgery later this week, if not I will try to be back sometime next week with an update. Thanks to all for the well wishes and prayers. His surgery is scheduled for 8:30 AM CST Friday May 15.

Be good to each other, you never know what battles your neighbor is facing.


I Won!!

I won my wish list over at K-Joi, during the NSD 2009 celebrations!! $41 worth of designs, with over 100 downloads! We were to list our top 5 favorite kits that we would like to have and one person would win their wish list, that person was ME!! I'd like to say thank you so much for choosing me to Kara and her dog. LOL

Here are the previews of what I won.

1. Ashley by Susan Blanton
Ashley Preview

2. Bad Boy Kit by Kara Jones

3. Love Kara by mlwCustom Designs-Mique Walcutt

4. Romancing Georgia Collection by mlwCustom Designs-Mique Walcutt

5. Rough and Tumble Collection by mlwCustom Designs-Mique Walcutt

Plus these two collaboration kits were added to my win!  Thanks again Kara!!

JOI of the Arts MEGA Collaboration Kit

Laughter Therapy Mega Collaboration Kit


I see lots of scrapping in my future!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scrapping Is Good Medicine

I've been on a scrapping frenzy lately, seems it is good medicine for me, calms my mind. I'd like to share a few of the layouts that I've made with you today.  All of these layouts today have been created using kits by LouCeeCreations who has started selling her designs at DSO once again. So if you are a fan of hers as I am, or you just want to check out her designs you can find her store here at DSO. I've made a quickpage from one of these layouts for you which Lou has generously allowed me to share here for you, thank you Lou

This first layout is of my children and I way back when - 1985 . We have ALL sure changed a lot since then!  They are all grown and married now, most with children of their own. 


News To Me by LouCeeCreations
Heritage wordart by Words To Delite

I love this quote used in this next layout, that I made for a couple of challenges. The quote challenge over at DSO and the font challenge over at K-Joi.  I love challenges, I usually end up with a layout that I might not have made without the idea from the challenge. So if ever in a slump on scrapping, check out some of the challenges for some fantastic ideas!  This is my DH with his first granddaughter, I think this is such a heart-warming picture. This is the layout that I've made a quickpage to share with you all from , you will find it at the end of this post.


Garden Blues by LouCeeCreations
Fonts used are Nana Hand, Boring Boring, and 1942 report

This next layout was also made for a challenge, this time the font challenge over at DSO. This is one of my youngest granddaughter's, her daddy is my youngest son the baby in the first layout above. I think she looks just like him!  I loved this picture, I started to take it of her eating ice cream by her herself and having it all over her, at another granddaughter's birthday party. Just as I snapped the camera, she was offering me a bite of her ice cream. LOL 

Kim_Wanna Bite

Garden Blues by LouCeeCreations
Template #235 from Clear and Simple Template Set by Mrs. Wresh Designs
Font used is Yugly


I've been tagged by my dear friend June. Some of my answers are the same as June's , they say great minds think alike.  LOL
This is what I have come up with:

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To...
1. My son's next surgery to be over with and him home much better
2. Mother's Day and seeing ALL my children and grandchildren
3. Sunshine, it has been raining for so long!!
4. Seeing my granddaughter Amanda's graduation from Headstart
5. Summer
6. My nephew's wedding and seeing my sisters and their families
7. Feeling less tired and achieving some inner calm
8. The world becoming a kinder place

8 Things I did Yesterday...
1. Went with my son to his Dr. Appointment
2. Made a few digital scrapbook layouts
3. Made a couple of quickpages
4. Played with Photoshop
5. Did a few surveys
6. Read some great blogs
7. Took some pictures of the river that is WAY out of banks - all of this rain
8. Went to bed usual!!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...
1. Make my son well again
2. Change the bad things that have happened in our family this past year
3. Give people hope when they see none
4. Find a cure for cancer
5. Make the sunshine!
6. Find the will power to quit some of my bad habits. 
7. Change people, make them more caring and considerate of others
8. Find the father of David F. Jones (my ggggg-grandfather) genealogy

8 Things That or Shows I have Watched...
2. Ghost Hunters
3. Medium
4. CSI
5. Ghost Whisper
6. News
7. Marley & Me
8. Wife Swap

Now I have to tag 8 other people and they are...drum roll please!!
If you don't have time to do this ladies, that is ok, I understand.

Lou -
Jazzy -
Andrea -
Candie -
Gabrielle -
Michelle -
Kat -
Tracy -


You have made it, rather you read the whole post or just skipped to this spot, here is the promised quickpage.  Ha Ha


Download Garden Blues Quickpage here at 4Shared
Download Garden Blues Quickpage here at Mediafire
And don't forget you can find the beautiful kit that this QP was made from Garden Blues by LouCeeCreations here.


Please continue to keep my son in your prayers, he is still doing well. He is scheduled for his next surgery on May 15th. They are going to put in a steel plate where they had to remove part of his skull that was shattered and to allow for the swelling of the brain. For those that may not have read about it already on my blog, he suffered a TBI on January 31 2009. It is a true miracle that he still here with us. The Dr's didn't think he would even make the trip to the larger hospital with the Trauma unit. Prayers are answered, and miracles do still happen today!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, wishing you a scrap-happy day.


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Saturday, May 2, 2009

National Scrapbooking Day!

Today is (inter) National Scrapbooking Day! So much going on all over in the digiscrapping community! I just had to pop in to tell you all about the big sale going on at Digi Scrap Obsession today.  50% OFF store wide today only!!  WOW. Lots of goodies to be found there. This includes all of Jazzy's new and older wordart packs as well!


I want to share a few layouts that I've made using some of the fantastic wordart by Words To Delite. For the full credits on these layouts, just click on them.  This first one was made using Just Soccer, a newly released wordart pack.


This one was made using the Tiny Love Notes wordart pack.



This one was made using the Girl Power wordart pack.



Here is a layout that I just finished using A Touch of Nature wordart and a kit that  I made a while back called Country Roads. I love the quote on this one! A great reminder to myself, Patience is not one of my better qualities. (Smile)

Adopt The Pace of Nature


Jazz has generously allowed me to make you a Quickpage from this LO using her gorgeous wordart. You will find the download links below the preview as usual.


Download Nature Quickpage here at 4Shared
Download Nature Quickpage here at Mediafire

Don't forget the big 50% off sale going on at Digi Scrap Obsession! And you can find ALL of the wordart packs by Words To Delite here included in this sale, today May 2, 2009 only, so hurry over and grab those goodies that you have been wanting!



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